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Previous Employers include Snowball Studios and Pil Animation.

Current: The Hive Studio

Personal Work

For more animatics I do for fun you can also check my YouTube.

Popular (Wicked) (2023)

My part in the final assignment from Dan Forgione's Storyboard class at Brainstorm. This is not yet the final version and will be updated.

Right in Front of You (2022)

Short scene from the fic "Right in Front of You" by Grossalien on ao3

Tiny Dancer - personal project as a gift (2022)

Small thing I made for my girlfriend for her birthday. It's not a music video but it was planned based on the song used, and can be found here on YouTube

Introvert (2017)

Theses were the boards for my student film Introvert, that can be found on the Animation page. 

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